Lease with Stone

The Stone difference.

Our online booking system.

Gives us the ability to show your property to prospective tenants more often. Tenants can book times that suit them, around parameters that suit you. Rather than having to wait for a weekend open. This means your property is leased faster. The booking system can also give an indication of interest before the Saturday open, allowing us to look ahead and adjust rents accordingly.

Priority advertising placement.

Stone has priority placement on to ensure your property is seen faster and leased sooner. Your ad will appear as the first listings on the suburbs search and will show larger photo icons, for better exposure.

Our application is online.

Tenants need only complete their online application, and it is then automatically forwarded to our team for immediate processing. Providing a far quicker process for potential tenants, making it easier for them to apply for your property. Resulting in faster letting, with Stone.

State of the art inspections.

To ensure your property is properly maintained throughout the life of your tenancies, it is important to receive detailed inspection reports. At Stone, we provide full written reports, with colour photos.

We pay to subscribe to TICA.

Not all agencies subscribe to this blacklist of defaulted tenants however, we believe it’s an important way, in addition to reference checks and ID requirements, to ensure you secure quality tenants.


Our commitment to our clients is absolute. If you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving and you have made us aware, we will do everything possible to resolve the matter immediately.

Request an appraisal today and see how we can help you better.